Beer. Butt. Chicken. At Black Dog Bowl, Manchester

So, when you hear that a chicken is going to come served with a can of beer up it’s ass you’ll probably think one of two…


So, when you hear that a chicken is going to come served with a can of beer up it’s ass you’ll probably think one of two things. The first thought option is ‘ERRMMMAGHHEERRRD THAT’S GROSS’ or the second thought option is ‘Hmmmm that looks so weird, I need to try it’ ….As always, my first thought was option number two. I mean, it looks so weird. I just HAD to try it. In steps Black Dog Bowl in Manchester. Who not only let you enjoy a casual game of bowling in their very own alleys at the back of the restaurant itself, but also do a Sunday Special in the form of this chicken with a can up it’s butt. Okay, the technical name for the dish is ‘Beer Can Chicken’ but every time I say that it just sounds like I’m doing a bad Jamaican accent, trying to say bacon or something.  Anywayyyyy… So what’s the point of beer can chicken? WELL, the idea is that by slow roasting the chicken with a can of beverage in it’s bum, it infuses the flavours and makes the meat a little more moist (I hate describing meat as ‘moist’ it’s too much innuendo in the most gimmest of ways).  For £20 at Black Dog Bowl, you can get enough Beer Can Chicken and sides to feed three hungry mouths comfortably, and two hungry mouths to satisfaction. I say this because it’s tailored to feed two, but when I had it we shared it between three and we all left feeling *just right* in our bellies.  Alongside the full roast chicken, you also get whipped mash, BBQ beans, Carolina Slaw and two corn of the cobs. The highlight of the sides, for me, was the BBQ beans which had a delicious smokey flavour. It was like pimped up baked beans, with a lovely BBQ and spice kick, topped with cripsy onions. The mash was… Just mash I guess. But I’m never the biggest fan of potatoes in mash form. Give me roasted any day of the week, yum. The gravy was absolutely delicious. I could have drunk the stuff straight from the jug! I kind of put off even trying the Carolina Slaw because it looked a bit meh, but when I finally tasted it I found it to be really delicious. I expected it to be bitter because it appeared to be mainly red cabbage, but in actual fact, it was really sweet and moreish. The chicken itself had the most delicious, crispy skin alongside the succulent meat, definitely a winning combination. After we’d finished eating our Sunday Dinner with a twist, we headed to the back of Black Dog to find the bowling alley. This is the second time I’ve been bowling in my life, as it’s one of those activities which I always assume is going to be boring, but each time I’ve been I’ve actually really enjoyed it! I liked how Black Dog Bowl isn’t surrounded by seizure inducing arcade games and noisy pop music, and it’s basically the cool alternative to the garish and cheesy experience bowling tends to be usually. Oh, and it helps that both times I’ve been bowling, I’ve won.  Can we also just take a moment to appreciate the design of the bowling ball holder thing below. Check out more from Black Dog Bowl and that Sunday Dinner by clicking here.